Installing Anaconda and then install packages with pip seams like confusing the goal of Anaconda(or any other package management tools)

Anaconda is there to help you organize your environments and their dependences.

Assuming you have conda on your system path, Do:

Update conda

conda update conda

We can create an environment called ‘awesome’ with python 3.6 and add all awesome datascience packages coming with anaconda(numpy, scipy, jupyter notebook/lab etc), and tensorflow and keras. you can drop anaconda and have minimal package if desired.

conda create -n awesome python=3.6 anaconda tensorflow keras

After quite a time, and all is well, activate your environment and test if we can import keras.

conda activate awesome
python -c "import keras"

When done doing awesomeness, you can deactivate as so:

conda deactivate

conda is better than pip because it deal with libraries compatibalities. It upgrades and downgrade packages for you.

Sometimes beautiful about Anaconda is that you can just install the main package and it will install all its dependences for you, so you could just do:

conda create -n awesome python=3.6 keras